Facebook Pixel Benefits

Facebook Pixel Benefits

What is the Facebook Pixel and how does it work?

Facebook pixel is a code generated by Facebook that you need to place on your website in order to track data coming from ads. This practice is mainly used to track conversions, optimize for better advertising results and create audiences for remarketing campaigns.

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If you want to generate a Facebook pixel code you will need to go the Managed Ads section on the top right of your page and access your Ads Manager. Click on the Ads Manager tab on the top left of the page and you will be able to find “Pixels” in the “Measure and report” column under “Events Manager”.

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Make sure you add this code in between the <head> tags on your website in order for it to get triggered and don’t forget to select it every time you are creating a new ad.


What are the benefits of having a Facebook Pixel?

If you want to run a successful ad campaign it’s imperative not to overlook adding a Pixel. It might seem very easy to run an ad or boost a post and only look at insights such as comments, shares, likes and let the budget run without getting concerned about the actual business outcome. Your campaigns may or may not be successful, regardless of your budget, and the Pixel can deliver all the data in order for you to make an informed decision and follow the trajectory of your goals.

  1. Conversion Tracking

Every action coming from your Facebook ads might be valuable for your business. It works great for e-commerce websites because you can see if you Facebook users made a purchase or not. Other important actions might be a quote request, phone calls and subscribers. All of these metrics can help you ultimately determine how effective your ads are.

  1. Audience Lists

It’s important to know what audience you are targeting and the Pixel gives you the option to create custom audiences based on people’s interest and the type of interaction they had with your website. You can further use these lists to create tailored ad copy that re-targets specific lists of users.

  1. Automatic Bidding

You have the option to optimize for website conversions Facebook can deliver your ads to users that are more likely to take an action on your website. Meaning, you can spend your budget more efficiently and get better results.

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