Top Google I/O ’18 updates that will influence Digital Marketing

Top Google I/O ’18 updates that will influence Digital Marketing

The annual Google I/O conference is one of the most anticipated and spectacular events of the whole year. During these keynotes, Google normally announces the latest updates that are ready to roll out to Google, Android users and more. This year, the main focus of the presentation was evolving around AI ( artificial intelligence) technologies and we wanted to share with you some of the impacts we believe of these changes will have on digital marketing.

1. Google Assistant Continued Conversation & Google Duplex

Since last year, Google has been massively pushing the Google Assistant in the lives of all it’s users, mainly through the Google Home smart speakers and Android devices. According to one of Google blog posts, there were more than 6 million Google home devices sold in mid-October of last year. The impact was obvious since we have identified an increasing number of voice search queries for your AdWords PPC campaigns for several of our clients. Queries such as “ok google what are the opening hours…” and “ok google what’s the nearest….”  appeared on our reports and that was enough to understand that the way people shop is rapidly changing, however, the shopping experience was a bit frustrating. But not anymore!

Google has introduced a new feature for the Google Assistant called “continued conversation”. The assistant will now be able to converse intuitively with users without the need of saying “ok google” every time. Also, it will be able to identify and perform several requests at the same time. This means that users can have a more natural conversation flow and feel more comfortable to shop and visit businesses around them.

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Another impressive feature is the Google Duplex. As Sundar Pichai points out, 60% of businesses don’t have an online business setup and calling is the only way to reach them. The assistant will be able to call a business and schedule an appointment from your part. The fact that blows our mind is that you can’t even tell that you’re not talking with a real person because it mimics human emotions extremely well even in the most complicated situations. If you are a business that requires appointments then this will greatly benefit you through its effectiveness!

2. Google Smart Display

Google has been partnering up with Lenovo, LG, Sony and more to bring you a Smart Display device that combines voice interactions with visual responses. These devices are built to “nest” in your house and help you with daily tasks and deliver customized results to facilitate daily lives.

We personally don’t see a huge difference between a smart display and an Android tablet with a functional Google Assistant feature, however, tablets are not that popular anymore and this might be a comeback under a different form. Marketers need to be aware that there’s another device in the game and they have to custom their content accordingly in order to reach their audience.

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3. Google Maps Match Score & Walking Navigation

This summer, Google has announced a new personalized feature for Google Maps. This update should bring better local recommendations to users based on their reviews, other places visited, businesses you like.

Another update coming to Google maps is the Walking Navigations available through your lens. You will be able to easily locate yourself on the map and see in real time all the businesses around you.

These features make it absolutely necessary for businesses to create and/or update their Google My Business profile to make it easier for users to find them and improve performance.

4. Google Style Match

From our marketing point of view, this update is one of our favorite and it absolutely blows our minds!

Google has combined the smartphone’s camera lens with the technology of A.I. and the result is spectacular. You will be able to use the camera and real-time to point at everything around you and identify all other products that match that style. For example, if you see an outfit that catches your attention you can open the camera, tap on any item and browse all products that match that style. The results are delivered in the same layout as the Google shopping feed and of course, you can add them to your cart and shop! That’s right if you have an e-commerce website and run Shopping ads your product will be easily discovered if it matches the style the user is looking for.


These updates will definitely encourage more users to use Google’s products more often in their day to day life. For marketers, this means you are going to be able to target your audience faster, easier and more successfully. However, if you are not making sure you are tailoring your content and marketing strategies based on these factors you might lose valuable traffic.

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